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A safety kit that eclipses the others!

One kit many uses. It really makes sense for 4WDrivers to be safe and prepared for the unknown. And preparing for the worst is something every 4WD owner needs to do. The Rescue Swag was featured last year on the TV show “Shark Tank”, when its Queensland inventor scored the financial support of Steve Baxter, serial entrepreneur. Rescue Swag has 3 separate first aid kits, plus a sling for broken arm, straps/wraps for snake bites, and several other thoughtful additions. An interesting bonus is an online APP you preload onto your phone. It delivers easy to follow picture based tips for different emergencies. We think the inventor has thought of everything, and should be congratulated. If you don’t already have a great first aid kit, invest in this one to keep family and friends safe. We rate this accessory 9/10!

PS Shown on right side is an additional item available for sending your precise location in times of distress. Absolutely terrific safety item every 4WD enthusiast should have. If interested give us a call for pricing.

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