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About Us

From our 4MORE online store we serve customers heading out into the wild corners of Australia from the Kimberleys to the Twelve Apostles and from Ayers Rock to the Gulf Country, Winton and the Blue Mountains.

We stock a wide range of kit including:

  • Seat Covers for all vehicles – By Black Duck
  • Recovery gear including high-lift jacks and straps.
  • Snorkels and snorkel replacement parts for all makes of four-wheel drive vehicle.
  • Flares and weather shields.
  • Safety equipment.
  • Power and lighting equipment.
  • Camping gear including tents, awnings, swags and other accessories like camp showers and utility shovels.
  • Water storage and gear bags.

One new item of kit that we added to our range recently is set to become a must-have for all active outdoors people including off-roaders. Keeping safe in the bush is everyone’s first priority but accidents do happen and that’s where the Rescue Swag comes in.

Featured on the Shark Tank TV show last year, the Rescue Swag contains three first aid kits which will enable you to cope with snakebites and burns or minor and major accidents. The swag is compact and easy to pack and will also double as an emergency water carrier.

The Rescue Swag has space for an optional personal locator beacon which will enable users to call for help when they need it most. Everyone going off-road ideally needs a PLB in their safety kit and you’re welcome to contact us for the latest pricing.

At 4MORE we’ve got the accessories for you whether you’re a novice or experienced off-roader and we look forward to making your next adventure so much more enjoyable.

We know that you will want your orders as soon as possible and we are committed to shipping them to you as soon as possible.

If by any chance we haven’t got the item you need in stock, just pop us a note using our contact form and we’ll do our best to source and ship it to you with as little delay as possible.